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Upgrade Existing Qflex

There is an Install/Update guide on the download page, but here is a more precise guide. Note that Java 1.7 is mandatory here.
  1. Download latest QFlex installer (.zip) from Downloads page.
  2. Extract the archive into desired destination, different from previous installation.
  3. Perform the following procedure (just once) to port existing settings into new QFlex installation. Change directory into <QFLEX-DIR>/bin
  4. /sql/update and run update script (update.bat or with option -u and path to your existing QFlex installation. See example
  5. below.
  6. Change directory into <QFLEX-DIR>/bin and start up QFlex, using appropriate for your environment startup script (startup.bat or
  7. Point your browser to http://localhost:8881 and select "For Administrators"
=============UNIX SAMPLE======
cd /opt/qflex-4.3.5/bin/sql/update
./ -u "/opt/qflex-4.2.5"
cd ../../

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