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Qflex Windows Installer/Updater - 64bit

Download the latest 4.2.3 version of product 

Available Features 

  1. Export/Import data in XML format
  2. User dashboard with create/edit application, view message distribution, view application alerts abilities, topology discovery
  3. All massive data (alerts, statistics data) moved to Solr
  4. Added Topic support
  5. All MQ libraries changed to MQ v.7
  6. Changed license format (old one is supported too)
  7. Added splash page (Different Dashboards for Admins and  for business users)
  8. Changed Tomcat to v6.0.32
  9. Distribution packages now comes in x86 and x64 variants.
  10. Added alert cleanup policies to remove outdated alerts in Solr.
  11. Added RSS feed for application alerts
  12. Scripts changed to run QFLEX as service
  13. A number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Release date - February 8, 2012

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