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Qflex Install / Upgrade Guide for UNIX and Windows

Qflex Install Guide for UNIX and Windows.


  1. Download latest Qflex installer (.zip).
  2. Ensure you have Java SDK 1.5 installed and its location is exported to JAVA_HOME environment variable. Note: JRE installation is not sufficient. JAVA_HOME must point to an SDK deployment.
  3. Extract the archive into desired destination.
  4. By default Qflex comes with HSQLDB that runs on port 9001 with qflex/netflexity as credentials.
  5. Change directory into QFLEX_HOME/bin and start up Qflex (database and tomcat server), using appropriate for your environment startup script (startup.bat or
  6. Point your browser to http://localhost:8881/QFLEX.
  7. Specify the serial number that had been supplied to you
  8. From then on, default login is admin/admin.


Upgrade Guide for UNIX and Windows.


  1. Download latest Qflex installer (.zip).
  2. Extract the archive into desired destination, different from previous installation.
  3. Perform the following procedure (just once) to port existing settings into new Qflex. Change directory into QFLEX_HOME/bin/sql/update and run update script ( or with option –u and path to your existing Qflex installation. Here is a sample, ./update –u “C:\Program Files\Qflex”
  4. Now, you can continue from point 5-6 of the installation guide above.


First Install with MySQL as database.


  1. Please download latest Qflex installer (.zip)
  2. Unzip into any desired directory.
  3. Change directory into QFLEX_HOME\bin\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost and rename current QFLEX.xml to QFLEX.xml.old. Rename QFLEX.xml.mysql to QFLEX.xml
  4. Open QFLEX.xml for editing. Change host/ip, port, username, password if needed.
  5. Change directory into QFLEX_HOME\bin\sql\install and run mysql-install.bat or to create qflex MySQL schema. Skip this step if you already have qflex schema created.
    NOTE: for updates, please change directory into QFLEX_HOME\bin\sql\update and run mysql-updater.bat or
    Both update and install scripts take the following arguments: db_user db_password hostname port
  6. Start qflex by executing startup.bat or in QFLEX_HOME\bin


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